Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LUZVIMINDA: Issues & Tissues

With so many issues plaguing our beloved LUZVIMINDA, it would take a major overhaul of all three branches of government to effect a positive change.

The way I see it, most of these incumbent government officials are like termites. The only possible way to control their colony and hamper their growth is to neuter the queen. But somehow, they have this ability to mutate into something else, reproduce asexually and provide buffers that protect them and their ravenous appetites. And to think we pay our taxes dutifully to finance this circus.

Just try to imagine, they keep on proposing new taxes to break our backs further and then sick their watchdogs on us to harass, silence and even worse kill when we voice out our outrage. Our national budget now stands at P1.415 Trillion. But have you heard of a single senator or congressman proposing that they slash their pork barrel to save our ailing finances? NADA! Not a one! Even the deliberations and the contents of the proposed budget were done behind closed doors. Where is the transparency in that? When was this approved? Saturday, October 11, 2008, 3:34 AM. Yes you read right, 3:34 AM. Just when everybody was still focused and busy shouting at each other on that high profile clemency. They had slipped another one by us once again. And now, that issue about the budget will die down faster while media vultures will focus their sights on another filed impeachment complaint and that issue of ancestral domain. Jeez.

In essence, our young democracy to me is somewhat like farce. It seems what we actually have, is an established and deeply rooted but unconfirmed oligarchic dynasty. Isn’t it obvious? How many of them have family members in every strata of government? Start counting from the top and you'll see what I mean.

The cast for a tragic play is complete. We have a ruler with an alleged knave for a consort now for the nth time being subjected to another unseating. We have a supposedly fallen former star sashaying in our midst with her wannabe minions. Two very expensive chambers of filibustering legislators accomplishing almost nothing except for a few insignificant band-aid solutions rather than truly representing the people. A justice system which leaves so much to be desired. A military and police force with almost no teeth to fight off the state's enemies no thanks to alleged corrupt officers who control their purses, hence, cultivating a cesspool of law enforcers that do unlawful deeds only because they too need to survive. A media culture that is bias and thrives on the glamour of sensationalism rather than objectivity. And of course, we have the people who are ravenous for even the most basic of necessities for daily survival. Add to that, the presence of outsiders peering over our shoulders acting like big brother, observing and meddling in our state of affairs. I hope our historians are keeping record of the goings on so that the coming generations will be able to learn of the fallacies we are faced with today, day in day out. That is, if the country is still whole and our race is not scattered all over the world in the coming centuries.

Sometimes, I can't help feel like a piece of meat roasting slowly in my own juices in a pit of spit, almost ready to be devoured by hungry cannibals and my bones cracked and sucked of its blood-making marrow. Nevertheless, this is my country. And I love it here. I am not ashamed even with its artificial poverty and the covert systematic rape being done by some unscrupulous members of its citizenry. I love my country the Philippines. LUZVIMINDA: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. That’s how she is known, that’s how I hope she will stay. Let us all do our part to resuscitate her and revive her starting with our own families.

May God keep her whole.


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