Friday, December 19, 2008

The Victorina Experience

It's no secret that I have been supporting the Victorina Blog for sometime. I started out as a mere lurker then elevated by actively participating in the discussions through comments. Then as more posts were published by its founder Amiel Aguilar Cabanlig, my comments were being solicited by many and hated by some because of its length. Most of my reactions are quite long and considered unbecoming for a blog comment and I apologized to Amiel for consuming a large chunk of his comment space yet he urged me to continue. I have to admit that I was taken aback bit. All I was doing was pouring what little I know on the viewpoint of an ordinary human pedestrian.

Now why on cyber-earth would I support another blog when I can do precisely just that on my own here? I say why not? I believe in the objectives of Victorina, and here is a lone voice doing precisely something I believe is worth taking more than just a second glance. And it grew steadily that we started getting a large number of readership. And we have Boldstar. This lovely lady with her genuine "acerbic wit" and boy, she is truly direct and the sort of take it or leave it kinda gal. Very refreshing. And then in comes somebody who is probably one of the many blessings Victorina ever had. Yes, I am talking about Rain. He is fierce. His entry really made waves and has been making waves ever since. And our comments were continually asked for by Victorina's readers. Of course, that was also not taken lightly by many and charged as if Amiel was favoring only OUR opinions. On the contrary, we encourage them to participate as much as they want since Amiel does not believe in blocking comments. Our individual trickles are slowly but surely turning into a stream of ideas and opinions.

Other welcomed entries are Atty. Trixie Angeles and Brian G. They of course know Amiel long before we all came on board. What a diverse set of minds united in one Victorina. I pointed this out to Amiel through a comment that like it or not, we are now a mini community. Everything went so fast, I don't even know whose idea was it to form the Victorina Council of Elders, and I was considered as part of that Council. WOW! Me? To tell you the truth, I was not flattered nor even considered it as an ego boost. I was actually honored yet apprehensive since that meant "responsibility." No, I don't loathe responsibility; it's just the thought of what I can contribute without imposing my own. I always wanted people to be freethinkers and not just conform to everything that are presented to them.
That is no small task. It was a challenge and I accepted fully.

Finally, we got the opportunity to meet face to face through Amiel's natal celebrations which, I learned later on was orchestrated by Rain. Physically absent were Boldstar and Brian who are both based abroad. Seeing the Council for the first time was an eye opener for me. Everything that we have been doing these past months is not an illusion and no grandstanding was present. These are true people with substance. Not unlike those whom I have met in the past through the net. My initial apprehension towards being considered a Council Elder was entirely misplaced. No fear. We can make a difference and here is the opportunity staring me in the face.

For all it's worth, no matter what plans Amiel and the Council have in mind, Victorina must move forward. And move it must for whatever little we can contribute for the betterment of our day-to-day pedestrian existence, I will be there.