Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Moon in Cancer

A Blue Moon is a second full moon in any given month. However, no Blue Moon can occur in February because of its limited number of days. No, it doesn’t mean that the moon will turn blue. Although sometimes, because of atmospheric conditions, the full moon does give out a shade of very light pale blue. A Blue Moon usually occurs every 2.7154 years. So when you hear the phrase, “Once in a Blue Moon,” it literally means not very often or highly unlikely. If you want to be technical about it, almost a little over every two and a half years. The last regular full moon occurred on December 2, 2009. I happen to take a photo of the event. I only wish I had better equipment to fully capture its splendid beauty.

On December 31, 2009, New Years Eve, the world will bear witness to a Blue Moon. This one is special since the next Blue Moon that will happen to fall on a New Years Eve is expected to occur on December 31, 2028. As an added trivia, it is also possible to have two Blue Moons in one year. This celestial event can occur once every 19 years. The last time that happened was in 1999 so we can expect to have two Blue Moons to occur in 2018.

As stated, December 31, 2009 is a Blue Moon passing through Cancer (The Crab). The moon is Cancer’s ruling planet. Well not really a planet in astronomical terms, but it serves its purpose in the astrological sense. What makes this event special, aside from it occurring on a New Years Eve is that there will also be a partial Lunar Eclipse. December 31, 2009 is going to be a Blue Full Moon the same night it turns a new decade. Now that is a sight for all to look forward to not because of its astrological nor mystical significance but mainly because, I for one expect to see a spectacular early evening scene. It’s about time for those of you who have telescopes to bring them out. Add to that, prepare to take pictures.

We know the moon for a fact affects the tides of any body of water. No matter what any textbook says, I believe we humans, being mostly walking bags of water, can be affected by the phases of the moon or the emotional tides within each of us. Not that people will turn lunatic or even into werewolves, but studies show that crime rates are higher during a full moon. In my personal observations, people are usually more energetic, easy going, or even become more emotional or irritable during the three-day full moon cycle.

For centuries, the full moon has always been associated with many myths from every culture. For Wicca practitioners, the moon is an important entity. It is during a full moon that many practitioners of elemental magic perform their rituals. They believe that it is during a full moon that this celestial body is at the height of its strength. Usually the energy and essence of the full moon is drawn unto oneself. If done right, one can feel a heightened state of consciousness, and feel power radiate throughout ones body. For some, this is also an opportune time for them to strengthen their psychic shield and/or invigorating the chakras.

Astrologically speaking, this is a time for souls and hearts to seek harmony. This is also a time that emotions are at full force that can have so much impact and change things. Sensitivity will also be heightened at this period. Some of you who are attuned to these forces may already be feeling its effects, most especially to those belonging to the water signs. It will grow in strength as the full moon arrives. On the plus side, emotional intelligence will also be heightened which might give clarity regarding decisions about any situation they are in.

In matters of the heart, there can be acts in which a desire to nurture and protect will play a vital role in decisions. One might even come out with new ideas how to effect security whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. A warning though, be mindful never to be swept away by waves of feeling. Emotions play a major role under this Blue Moon.

That being said, astrological or astronomical beliefs aside, December 31, 2009, 7:22 PM, would be a time to step out of your houses and marvel at the glory of a Full Blue Moon. By itself, a regular spectacular full moon is a sight to behold. I say do not miss this coming Full Blue Moon on a New Years Eve, else you will have to wait 19 years for it ever occurring again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get clear skies on that date.


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