Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cha-Cha 2008

Two years ago, the incumbent set of government people put out it’s “grand deception” as the Supreme Court called it, the Cha-Cha or Charter Change. They needed to convene a Con-Con (Constitutional Convention) or a Con-Ass (Constituent Assembly). For various reasons and interests, the prime would be to alleviate the country of its sorry plight it is in now. Now for Cha-Cha 2008, another reason being given out is to ensure a long lasting peace in Mindanao.

I, for one am for change. Positive change that is. In my personal opinion, any form of Cha-Cha, Tango, Tinikling, Singkil or Pandanggo will not help since the intention is truly shady. It doesn’t matter to me how many Con-Con’s or Con-Asses they convene unless they say or truly divulge HOW a change in the bible of the land will help millions of starving Filipinos when the same characters will remain at play. It was really not a shocker for me that most of today’s (8/13/2008) Philippine broadsheets came out with screaming headlines “Systems go for Cha-Cha.” Come on, we’ve been through that already with the freedom constitution and what change has it provided us with?

Well we did have more freedom to express our views not present before. That’s positive. But aside from that, came also a new set of problems we haven’t had experience in dealing with before, not even during the time of the Spaniards. The people in general have been under some form of Pontio Pilatos glorifying themselves as a blessing to the people. Some of them truly are but most are just that, media hogs. Sad to say that even some of our Barangay Captain’s set themselves as demi-gods in their area of responsibility. As I’ve said in the past entries, we had a chance during EDSA 1 and we squandered it. It may have been the opportunity we were waiting for but the reality is, we didn’t know how to use it properly. We were all bent on revenge and getting all that was lost, real or concocted. We lost the real gist of what must be done to rehabilitate not only the coffers of the land but also instilling positive changes in the minds of our youth for this new found freedom we have. Again I stress that these are my personal views. And if you, dear readers, are not happy with the way I think, please feel free to go somewhere else because there are more coming.

Unless we learn from our mistakes in the past from the history of our country, we most likely will fail in this pending smoke and mirrors game plan behind this new attempt. They are saying it will effect change citing this and that but how? Can they not do it if they truly mean it in the present set-up? What’s stopping them? We always hear these words during election period and that’s a given. Have any of those lofty ideals surfaced? You be the judge. Are you securely employed? Are your streets and community safe? Can you look at your Honorable straight in the face and say “you are doing a miserable job” and not be sued or worse just vanish on the face of this earth? If you are legally in any form of trade, are you content with the way things are run when you get to renew your business licenses and permits? If you buy any form of item from a store, can you return it for a refund if you are not satisfied with the product? Can indigent people really rely on the government for lasting assistance instead of dole outs to help them get back on their feet? Are you silently wishing to have your relatives and work here instead of abroad away from the clan? If you are an honest taxpayer, are your taxes being handled correctly and used accordingly? Cha-Cha “daw” can help. HOW? And why now?

Whoever the major players are in this latest Zarzuela must come forth and let the real truth and intentions be divulged. For once I wish that they do so. Let’s play with the cards on the table. Let the people truly decide without any form of diabolical scheme behind it or coercion and threats or bribery. We’ve also been through that and it never worked for us, only them.

I am not looking for someone to blame even though my statements may say it. If there is someone to blamed, it is also us. Us because we blindly allow it to happen right in front of our faces and do nothing other than sulk in a corner or just talk without action. We may now openly curse everyone in government even your Barangay Kagawad, but other than that, we remain indifferent. Maybe we became numbed because of the countless promises and half-truths we are served with on a daily basis. Even more during election season and yet we half-wittingly swallowed it and then we silently spit or regurgitate it all later when it bites us back.

Cha-Cha is not an answer. If we bite into this latest form of deception, we might as well, as a people, be labeled Tan-Tan (Tanga-Tanga). All things considered, change is inevitable and we truly need it. But how we go about it will be an entry for the history books. After all, history is written by the victors. Let the victors be the entire Filipino nation.


manuel said...

i want to say NO to CHA-CHA why pano tau makakalabas s gabi pano kung wala kang ID huli ka mag linis k ng cr ng pagod n sundalo para makalabas k dba!!!!


rehabman said...

CHA CHA will never be the answer to all the problems that we have. If we really want change, let's start within ourselves. Let's unite to fight for the truth, accountability and integrity!