Friday, January 4, 2008

Global City and their Marshals

Dear readers:

After mulling several items to talk about, I have not found a worthy thing to talk about until now, hence the new blog. But please bear with me as this one is more of a personal nature which I would like to share with you. Here we go...

As you may well know, I live in Fort Bonifacio, now part of Global City.

Let me tell you that my family has been in this area since the time Fort Bonifacio was still Fort McKinley. My dad's uncle was the first Filipino camp commander then until Fort McKinley became Fort Bonifacio. Like I mentioned in my "In the heat of the moment" blog entry, I am still in a state of flux about the changes happening around me. I still maintain however that controlled change is good.

Last Mid December 2007, a few days before my friend Kenn was about to leave for abroad, we decided to treat ourselves for a burger, sort of a midnight snack. So we took his motorcycle and drove off. Upon reaching our destination, we found out that it was already closed so I said let's just go home instead. He said that there is still one open for 24 hours at the 32nd street and so we went and it was. We parked his motorcycle on the pavement since it was more of like a scooter really than a motorcycle so as not to hamper traffic even though it was already late that night. One of the guards approached us and politely informed us that Global City marshals might apprehend us for parking there. So we asked the guard to look after the vehicle for we won't take very long anyway. To our surprise after a few minutes, the same guard approached us to inform that Global City marshals are asking who owns the motorcycle so we decided to face the music sort of speak. An oral altercation between us and the Marshals broke out when we were asking what our violation was. They will not give a straight answer. One of the buildings guard informed me silently that the marshals were looking for another motorcycle when they chanced upon ours. So to make it short, they were looking for someone else, not us. So again I asked what it was that they want, are they going to arrest us, give us a ticket or something. None. They just kept on harassing us so I said leave the cycle and let's get a cab. I wanted to go home and if they want to make a case out of it, fine. But before I left, I told the Global City Marshals that we may have a violation, even though they will not say what it was, I can take it. But what I could not take, is the way they handle apprehending someone. They are rude and arrogant. And by the way, the marshals took the license plate of my friends' motorcycle after we left. My friend Kenn came back home with me in the cab to get his van and to go back and pick up his motorcycle. What happened between him and the marshals after that, I don't know, but he was able to get back his motorcycle and license plate.

I let it pass and charged it to experience thinking maybe that the poor marshal might be too tired and it was his only way to relieve stress. until ....

I bought me a new Sony handycam from Park Square in Makati a few days before Christmas 2007. Alongside with it, I also purchased accessories for it. Unfortu
nately, not all of my choice accessories was available and they advised me to place an order for them. I asked where the new stocks will be coming from, they said that they will check first with their other branches and pull them out then call me as soon as they become available. The process will take days.

Two days ago, I found out that there is an Avid Sony Center right here in Global City. So I decided to take a walk from the house to the Sony Center, bringing along my new handycam. I was in good spirits. So I put on a long sleeved Polo Shirt, khaki walking shorts and walking sandals. When I got there, the only available accessory for my handycam model is a polarizing filter so I bought it and placed an order for the other accessories I still need. Feeling happy with my purchase and the accessibility of a new Sony Center a stones throw away from my house. In my excitement, I decided to try out the filter when I reached the front of The Fort. They have a big Christmas Tree out in front and its size set against a blue sky was too good a chance for me to pass up. So I put the filter on the cam and took several test shots using different settings of the filter. It was few minutes after when a Global City Marshall approached me and said rudely, "Hoy! Bawal kumuha ng picture at video dito!" I was flabbergasted since I was able to do so freely and unhampered before as evidenced by the pictures from my previous blog. I have been around the Philippines and this is the first time that I was informed that it was "Bawal" to take a picture or video of a Christmas Tree on a corner lot located outside the Fort. Not inside the establishment. Not to ruin my good mood, I walked away and said to the Marshal, I find what he said, a stupid proposition. In reply he arrogantly said, "Sa management ka na magreklamo!" I let it pass forcing my patience to last a little bit longer. I did not put my handycam away and instead continued to take video as I was walking. I'm too excited that the new filter is working the way I want it.

Last night, my mates and I decided to walk to 32nd street for a night stroll. I decided to take my handycam with me and take some shots while we were walking for fun. When we chanced upon a "Sleeping Marshal" in front of Essensa. I woke him up and asked him why it was bawal to take videos in Global City. Probably he didn't like the Idea of me waking him up and so I decided to turn the camera on and took shots of him while I asked my question again. He said, "Sa management ka na magreklamo!" I was beginning to suspect that these marshals have a well rehearsed script. He must have radioed the Motorcycled Marshals for in a few minutes time, one of them approached us and called out. "Hoy! Ano vine-video ninyo?" I recognized this rude Marshal as the same one that harassed Kenn and myself a month back. So I said to him, "Ano ba ang problema? (what's the problem?). So I asked him in the vernacular, if they have a written order which I can see to explain this weird rule of no video/picture taking on open ground. He can't give a straight answer and instead gave rude remarks as if he was the emperor of China. This time I was pissed, I can't let this pass. Since they were saying that I file a complaint with management, I gave the rude marshal my name and asked for his in return and informed him that this was the second time he showed me his rude behavior. He eyed me curiously and I saw it in his eyes that he recognized me. It's only logical that if I were to complain, I need to know the identity of the one I am complaining against. But instead of giving me his name or showing me an ID, He just hopped on his motorcycle and sped off. My analysis, is that he must have seen it in my eyes and heard it in my voice that I meant business.

So on we went to 32nd street and took snacks at McDo then headed back for home. We were already near The Fort on our way back when we came across another Motorcycle of Marshals riding in tandem. I waved to them and asked for their help in identifying their rude comrade. They directed me to their outpost and to file my complaint there with their Officer-In-Charge (OIC). I asked for their OIC's name and they said "dun nyo na lang po alamin" (please find out from there). Total weirdness. Why won't they give their officers name? I felt something odd is going on here. Before I reached their outpost, we came along another marshal on foot, so I asked the Marshal for their OIC's name since I was about to meet with him in a few minutes. He said "Bakit?" (Why). then his radio cracked and we heard if anybody asks for names, don't give any information. Then I told the marshal, never mind. Right there and then, I knew that this GLOBAL CITY MARSHALS are in cahoots with each other and they will definitely cover up for their misdemeanor.

When me and my mates were finally there, I went in and found two people seated inside, one in blue marshal uniform manning the radio and one in barong. I asked who among the two of them is the OIC, Of course I knew who it was based on their attire. The one in blue said he was the one and immediately hurled accusations at me without even asking what the problem was. None of them even asked me to sit, nor get a log of my complaint, nor will they identify themselves even if I asked. Hurling my complaint to be filed with their management. Which by the way, I did today through e-mail.

The bottom line dear readers is this, these GLOBAL CITY MARSHALS are ill trained and ill mannered as they come. They do not and will not honor complaints if one of them will suffer. This might be admirable, but on the hindsight, visitors and residents of Global City will suffer for this. Where can residents like me get any information when they refuse even to give their own names? Even if I filed my complaint with their management, I cannot pinpoint them unless management put them all in a line for me to identify them by face. The only conclusive evidence I have against them is the video of the "SLEEPING MARSHAL" at Essensa and the time and date of the incident at the outpost.

So visitors of Global City, beware. Not for anything else, but beware and be wary of GLOBAL CITY MARSHALS. They are a detriment against the development happening in Bonifacio Global City. They are a tumor that needs to be expunged and expelled for the betterment of our guests and residents. I hope someone from the management of Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation read this and remedy the situation pronto. I am ready and willing to help them solve this dilemma.

So there.


by: Genkuro said...

An update. The Deputy General Manager of Bonifacio Estates Services Corporation in the person of Architect Bobby Dimayuga responded to my e-mail complaint and we talked on the phone about my concerns regarding the Global Guards. The man thanked me regarding my complaint and said that this will help them indeed in instituting changes as to how their guards conduct themselves with visitors and residents. I also asked if there is indeed a rule of no picture/video taking in the Global City and he said that what is covered are ONLY the Art Works spread across the Grounds and some key installations. THAT'S ALL.

Readers I am a patient person and being rude to get my way or using influence is not my way of life. But mind you, if anyone pushes me too far, I will push back.

Jefferson said...

Is global city manage by ayala? if yes, then they must have some problems talaga

Genkuro said...

Bonifacio Estates Services Corporation is controlled by Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation which is partly owned by Ayala Land Inc. (ALI).

Mandaragat said...

If they can do this to you, what more to ordinary people.

Boycott Ayala?

by: Genkuro said...

That is exactly the point Mandaragat.

So now if I see a Global Guard accosting someone I observe how they conduct themselves.

MC the Mystery Consumer said...

question: if i want a counter for the hits that i get, how do i get to have one? not really very techy.

2nd. i just want to let you know that i think you're cute....

by: Genkuro said...

Thank you for your comment mc the mystery consumer.

Well to answer your question, it's simple enough. Just click on any of my counters and it will redirect you to a counter site. Just choose what style suits you and just add the url as a wdget to your blog site.

I hope I was of any help.

Anonymous said...

This post is in response to Genkuro's blog about Global City marshalls - All I can say is WOW! I've lived in the US most of my life, but have vacationed yearly in the Philippines with family members since 1999. Your blog caught my eye because my parents recently sold their townhouse in Quezon City and purchased a condo at the Fort. As a balikbayan, I usually have my camera with me & often take pictures of sometimes the oddest things. Not sure how I would react if a marshall told me that taking pictures of something in plain sight, in a public place was "bawal" -- especially if there was no posted sign. Seems "shady" to me - definitely unworthy of a place that wants to tout itself as a "global cosmopolitan city". Does anyone know where I would inquire about other such strange "rules" supposedly governing The Fort?

Genkuro said...

Dear Anonymous,

Since this incident happened, changes were already instituted the way Bonifacio Global Marshals conduct themselves. When Architect Dimayuga called me, it was clear they already knew who the culprits were because a few days after that call, I never saw the faces of those marshals again.

And to clear things up about the picture and video taking, it has always been allowed. But if you are planning to get pictures of the artworks that are in global city and use them for publication, what they request is acknowledge the artist of those artworks. So the former Marshals misinterpreted this rule thinking it was "bawal."