Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Down With The Cold

Last Sunday, June 2, 2007, around late afternoon, I started to feel heavy. My head is throbbing and my throat started to feel itchy. During the late evening, my eyes started to water. I said to myself this is not good. When I woke up the next day, I was already feeling lousy. But being a Monday and I have reports to submit, I decided to go to office anyway. By late afternoon that day, I was really feeling terrible. I told my boss right there and then that if my situation doesn't improve overnight, I won't report for work the next day.

So as it turned out I wasn't able to report for work for the next two days. I thought of writing my blog during those two days but my head was throbbing like mad. So I just decided to sleep it out. Friends keep telling me to drink this medicine and drink that liquid. Well I for one am not fond of drinking any medicine. My rationale behind it is, I want my body to combat the infection and take care of itself naturally. Thus, helping my body build up it's immunity. The only time I will take any form of medication is when my body truly needs it.

Oh well, it's been a week and now I only have a little sniffle. I just hope the weather stabilizes soon. I always fall under the weather, sort to speak, when the weather/climate changes. I need to take a break now in preparation for my next post.

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